Shaintar_J&L_Rangers of Haven

Mission Assignment

Strange goblinesh raiders are hitting smaller communities near Haven; the Rangers need to check it out and deal with the threat.

Report filed by Ranger Sehvik

Parnissuss wants Haven Rangers to investigate an unsettling group of goblinesh raiders. We follow tracks to the town of Bently. It takes the better half of the day.

Maeve senses corruption and darkness on the trail. In the town of Bently, we find Troglodytes attacking the towns people, not with weapons, but with teeth and claws. Battle ensues to protect the towns people. Soon a troll enters the town who seems impervious to normal attacks. The Troglodytes are quickly stamped out by Edwin and Priestess O’Halloran. Edwin and Sehvik keep the troll pinned down by well placed attacks, Maeve and Ashrem use magic and fire to weaken the troll. The troll’s dirt nap was inevitable against the forces of good.

The troglodytes have a grey strip of cloth around their wrists. On it, a very symbol in dried blood. The symbol is crudely simplistic. It’s a troglodytes version of a woman’s face. Maeve believes they are devotees of some entity in the Church of Vainar and the Thirteen, from Shaya’Nor. They may be in service to a necromancer.

A townsperson of Bently, Penelope, believes she knows of a burned down village that may be a base of operations and give the group instructions. Travel takes another half day.

The Rangers travel to the burned town. All three moons are almost full, given a view of the town. The Rangers camp outside. Ten minutes into the 13th hour, two evil screams come from the town. Nothing else. At dawn, the party moves on the town. Zombie like creatures roam the town. The party cannot allow this and engage. During battle, a screech like the one from the previous night rips through town.

A necromancer with two leech man enter the frey, badly wounding Maeve. Her cry incites momentum in the party. Sehvik, relinquishing all sense of self preservations sprints into the light. The act incites a Greater of Shaintar to come to the party’s aid. A galloping unicorn leaps from Sehvik’s now white silver blades.

At the sound of Maeve’s cry, Edwin recalls an earlier state of mind and goes berserk. He ignores the remaining zombies and charges the necromancer. With a vicious cry, his now white silver flail crushes the vile woman of dark magic.

A leech man turns and feeds off the blood of the necromancer. Sehvik follows up behind and ends the leech man.

There are two wells with a supernatural conduit. Ashrem and Maeve are both disturbed. Someone of higher power should be found to come and destroy them.

Additional Information:
This scenario ties into one run for the Rangers of Tolm; it represents the earliest crossover incidents with the Accursed lands.

Important NPCs:
Penelope (Tanner, romantic interest for Ashrem)


Saiderin Saiderin

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