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Mission Assignment

New Rangers and Ranger Trainees arrive at the recently opened outpost in Haven. They are immediately sent to investigate the rather sketchy business of the mercenary group known as the Hard Hunters.

Report filed by Ranger Sehvik after review by Ranger First Class Kazdan

Ashrem, Edwin, and Sehvik have arrived at Haven. Sergeant Parnissuss introduces Ranger First Class Kazdan who is staying for a couple of days on an investigation. Maeve O’Halloran, Priestess of Light, is present as well and will be accompanying Ashrem (full grey cloak), and two grey cloak trainees, Edwin, and Sehvik. Seargent Parnissuss has asked us to see Jeanne. She is the Chief Constable and maintains an office near the docs. She has a request.

The constable (Jeanne) hired some mercenaries called the Hard Hunters to deal with the Salt Spray Bandits who have been causing some trouble and stealing supplies from ships. The mercenaries finished the job and had taken only three prisoners. The mercenaries claimed to have killed the rest. It is odd because the bandits didn’t need to be killed. They would not be devoted to the death over stolen cargo.

One of the captured prisoners is a goblin named Viz. He says he was knocked unconscious and doesn’t know much. It has been assumed that Viz is not telling the whole truth. He claims that most surrendered and he was knocked out. The bandits are local and based out of Haven. The constable would like Rangers to address this and find out what really happened to the missing bandits.

Kole Macy is the Salt Spray bandit leader.

We go down to the cells and interrogate Viz. They were scouting for good marks. George, Hermin are the other bandit prisoners.

After intimidating pressure from Ashrem, Viz reveals that he overheard mercs talking about a deal with Adam Kavenaugh. His description of the mercs: charcoal cloak with red trim. Their leader is a “pretty big man.” Viz gives other descriptions.

Kazdan believes the other bandits were not killed, but taken to be sold as slaves.

The Hammerball Haven is an inn and tavern (one devoted to the increasingly popular bar game of the same name) and happens to be our next stop. The Hard Hunters are just inside the inn. A man matches the description of Colm Massey and orders a round for everyone. He gloats about a recent success, having lots of money to throw around. While most of the Ranger crew stealthily enter (sans Edwin; he creates a scene at the bar as his belly rumbles audible and begins stuffing his face). Maeve approaches Massey directly, asking if he was the one who stopped the Salt Spray Bandits. He confirms and continues to boast.

Kazdan walks up to Massey and whispers, “Kavenaugh wants a word,” then walks out. Massey is temporarily dumbstruck and walks outside. Kazdan convinces Massey through clever dialogue to go directly to Kavenaugh despite Kavenaugh’s previous command to never visit.

Sehvik and Ashrem begin to track Massey out of a stable. At this point, both individuals agree that Kazdan, seemingly well informed, is more than he appears, but there is little time to investigate now. Kavenaugh first.

Maeve, Edwin, and Kazdan make it out of the inn without much notice or violence (later revealed by GM that the encounter was expected to turn into a bar fight). They catch up to Sehvik and Ashrem, following a trail left by the thief.

Following Massey the group arrives at a fort. By the looks of their livery, a dangerous criminal organization called the Red Store is stationed there. Massey goes in and as the gate closes, you hear his screams….then his horse’s….finally, a roar. Is that a minotaur?

A fiery-winged woman flies up out of the fort looking around. Maeve, hatred in her eyes, immediately fires a crossbolt and lands a hit through her thigh. The woman of Flame recovers and sinks back into cover of the fort.

The group charges with Edwin the Ogre in the lead. Battle commences, full on, face up…brash, bloody conflict. The Ogre soars over the fort walls with Sehvik on his back. Ashrem throws a guard off the wall using an invisible force. Sehvik gets the drop on a guard, rapier to the throat. Kavenaugh tries to take the mind of the Orge, but fails and runs inside. The fiery-winged lady throws a cone of fire, but no harm is done. Maeve tries to force open the fort door but is unsuccessful. Kazdan arrives to the door with Maeve. Edwin approaches the minotaur and hits hard, wounding him. Maeve climbs the wall with Kazdan’s assist. The group gangs up on the minotaur. Eventually, the Grey Cloaks’ combined effort wears down the Red Store guards and the woman of Flame—who, overzealous and confident, dies by the hand of Maeve O’Halloran, Priestess of Light, servant of Archon.

In the death spiral, Edwin captures a guard. Cavinoff gets away via underground tunnel. The chase begins!

Additional Information:

Ranger First Class Kazdan was played by MMK of Savage Mojo fame; he will now be the Grey Lantern for Haven and the surrounding area.

Important NPCs:
Sergeant Parnissuss – Commander of the Haven Ranger Outpost

Chief Constable Jeanne – Head of Haven’s local constabulary.

Viz – Former member of the Salt Spray Bandits, now a helper-about in the Haven Outpost.


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