Shaintar_J&L_Rangers of Haven

Mission Assignment

Rangers of Haven saw to personal matters and professional duties around Haven.

Maeve trains with her horse Justice. Justice becomes a combat trained horse.

Alraune looks for someone to teach cosmology. Finds a particularly harsh teacher. In doing so she gains a better understanding of cosmology.

Edwin looks for a woodsman to help with cosmology. He is unsuccessful in learning much more about survival. During traning, Edwin hit his head pretty hard. He begins have a dream every night of possibly prophetic content.

Sehvik sets out to the market. Of certainly impossible luck, Sehvik acquired Shayakar Leather Armor. Sehvik then set out to help Maeve in the training of Justice.

Ashrem trained his knowledge of persuasion and leadership. Later in the day through efficient management of resource and personnel, Ashrem discovered Red Store operatives within Sgt Parnissuss ranks that were purposely mismanaging resources to steal goods. Ashrem was promoted to Corporal.

Report filed by Ranger Sehvik

We are ordered to report back to Sgt Parnissuss. We meet a newly transferred Ranger, Alraune the Bloodrose. After amusing conversation about who Alraune will share her bed with, Maeve agrees to keep her company. Kazdan reports that there is a hole in the Veil. Creatures of lightning and wind are coming out. Dregordian separatists are allied with a Path Master Druid who has gone completely mad. He’s used an artifact to connect with a Storm Wraith. A full report of the events of last session is given to Kazdan and Parnissuss. We have encountered similar manifestations as the ones in Kazdan’s reports, but far away from where this all began (Nearside island). A phrase used was The God Strike Tempest.


Saiderin Saiderin

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